Advancing New Therapies for Neurological Conditions
Our mission is to discover, develop and commercialize novel and transformative therapies that improve the lives of patients with serious CNS conditions, and we are committed to selection of targets that enable a broad impact across multiple clinical indications with high unmet medical need. We focus on biological pathways that have been clinically validated but where key biological targets have not been drugged or have been inadequately drugged due to the BBB challenge. To date, we have leveraged our mVECTATM platform to design and test novel molecules with high brain penetration focused in the areas of neuropathic pain, neuro-inflammation and neuro-oncology, and continue to apply our platform’s capabilities to additional therapeutic areas.

We are developing a potent and highly selective, orally bioavailable drug candidate for pain management as an effective alternative to opioids, encompassing chronic and neuro-pathic pain indications, two areas with high medical unmet need. We are also developing a pipeline of orthologous candidates which have unique profiles and activities required to selectively engage their biological pathway for the treatment of various pain conditions and mood disorders.

We are developing a highly selective, orally bioavailable neuro-inflammatory drug candidates, for the treatment of CNS conditions with high unmet medical need where neuro-inflammation is a major component. Our pipeline includes a wide range of neuro-inflammation candidates targeting specific cell types and various pathways, with unique profiles that combine the activity required to engage biological pathways involved in neuro-inflammation while being selectively transported by MFSD2A transporter into brain and to specific brain cell types involved in neuro-inflammation.

We are developing potent and highly brain bioavailable neuro-oncology drug candidates for the treatment of several types of brain tumors.